From Humble Beginnings

EllisDon dates back to 1951 with the construction of a small schoolhouse in London, Ontario. 35 years later, the company was awarded the design-and-build contract for the Skydome, which would, at the time, feature the world’s first retractable stadium roof. Though these two projects could not have been more different, the approach has always remained consistent: build with community-minded principles.

Now with 4,000+ salaried employees, EllisDon is one of the largest construction companies in Canada, working on close to $5+ billion in projects annually.

These are buildings and projects that are seen coast-to-coast: prominent art galleries, new buildings on university campuses, hospitals, convention centres, and more.

The company is focused on evolving: it was the first construction company to own its own crane, one of the first to digitize accounting and cost control systems, and in 2016 launched The Carbon Impact Initiative Action Plan in support of Canada’s international climate change commitments.

Employees are the Core

Employees are the heart of any great company.

To demonstrate how important the people who guide every project and idea are, EllisDon is becoming 100% employee owned. Empowering those people to have a voice strengthens the central values: Freedom, Trust, Complete Openness, Mutual Accountability, Entrepreneurial Enthusiasm, and Mutual Respect. When everyone has a stake, standards are raised, and the final product is greater.

Arcadia District — Jewelbox
as the Future

As new technologies including virtual reality
and artificial intelligence disrupt our industry, we’ll stay ahead of the curveby embracing change. With 60+ programmers developing software in-house, EllisDon is at the forefront of the sector’s technology, working to include it in the building process to ensure efficiency at every stage.

Idea, Design, And

EllisDon has carved out its position as an all encompassing, vertically-integrated service provider. Through its various departments, including Capital, Energy & Digital Services, Facilities Management, and Sustainable Building Divisions, this full suite of services enables the company to deliver an end product more efficiently, from pre-construction to the operation and maintenance stages.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Innovation

Strategy, direction, and even purpose can change over time, but great values are permanent. Staying dynamic in an industry typically resistant to change allows the company to stay ahead of client expectations. While EllisDon’s underlying values will remain the same, a willingness to adapt can spell success for the future.


Responding to the urgent need for all companies to take responsibility for their climate impacts, we’re committed to investing in our collective future.

EllisDon is going above and beyond to reach sustainability goals by finding innovative and achievable solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and set new industry standards. Committing to science-based emissions targets, we’ve pledged to get to net-zero emissions by 2050 with reduction milestones starting in 2030.

  • CBC Building, Toronto
  • York University Subway Station, Toronto
  • The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
  • Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome), Toronto
  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto
  • The Ivey School of Business, Western University
  • Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
  • Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, Vaughan

Summer Sizzle


June 23, 2024

Join the EllisDon Developments team for a summer BBQ, the chance to win a SMEG appliance, $500 gift card and learn more about the biggest incentives of the year!

Summer Sizzle

exclusive Incentive Event

June 23, 2024

Join the EllisDon Developments team for a summer BBQ, the chance to win a SMEG appliance, $500 gift card and learn more about the biggest incentives of the year!